Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jackson Trade Looks Unfeasable

The Stephen Jackson issue, if your not sick of hearing about it, continues to spiral out of control. I subscribed to Don Nelson's assurance that Jackson would be his usual productive self on the court, despite wanting to get out of Oakland.


There is no doubt Jackson's sour attitude is evident on the court, judging from his behavior in the Oct. 9 game against the Lakers, resulting in a two game suspension.

I'm sick of this story like everyone else. Everyone is to blame. Idiot owner Chris Cohen, foolish team president Bobby Rowell, meddling Don Nelson, the puppet Larry Riley, and of course the"evil" Stephen Jackson. All of these people are awful. Just follow college hoops this year. The Warriors are lucky the Kings are not what they were in 2002, the band wagon fans would be running for Arco.

Jackson wants to be traded, the Warriors say there are no reasonable trades on the table. Now there's talk of a buy out...Jackson doesn't think it's going to happen and neither do I.

Here's my solution: Every team in the league feels they have leverage over the Warriors, so they are probably throwing out insulting offers to Riley. If Riley can't get a player that will improve the team, now or in the future, don't pull the trigger! Don't go from bad to worse! Sit on Jackson. Give him the Stephon Marbury treatment. Keep him away from the team and fine him if he tries to meddle.

Chalk it up as a loss, but don't let him ruin the future. The now is already lost.

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