Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clippers, Baron thrash pathetic Warriors

Pathetic, demoralizing, humiliating...emasculating are a few of many terms that describe the events of the game last night between the Warriors and Clippers. The Warriors looked as poor as they have since...the late 90's? Last night was the mark of a full regression. Granted, no Andris Biedrins and Rony Turiaf left the Warriors with a feeble front line. Still, that's no excuse. The brunt of Clippers damage was delivered by the back court. Eric Gordon and Baron Davis each tallied 25 points.

The Warriors did nothing positive last night.

There has been rumored trade discussions between the Warriors and Charlottle Bobcats. Boris Diau's name was brought up in hopes of moving Stephen Jackson. This was according to a Ray Woodson report on KNBR 680 Friday afternoon.

Stephen Jackson is a disgruntled Rufio and the Warriors are a mangy looking bunch of lost boys. Moving Jackson is a necessary first step in establishing any team chemistry. The playoffs have been out of the question and now 20 wins look out of the question.

This franchise needs a complete makeover. It's sad for real Warriors fans.

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