Monday, November 16, 2009

Stephen Jackson traded to Bobcats

The Stephen Jackson train is pulling out of Oakland and is now en route to Charlotte. Now all is well in Golden State...Right? No. At this time, the Warriors are as bad as they will be all season.
Monday morning, Stephen Jackson and A.C. Law were traded to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic. Does this trade make the Warriors better? Not really, but did Stephen Jackson have to go? Yes. After the way Stephen Jackson went about expressing his sentiments, the Warriors had no choice but to get rid of Jack. Kudos to Larry Riley for solving one of the many problems in the organization. Unfortunatly, Stephen Jackson was the Warriors most productive player. Neither Bell or Radmanovic will give the Warriors what Stephen Jackson did, at least on the court. Raja Bell of 2006 would have been nice.

The voices of basketball fans around the Bay Area are calling for Don Nelson's job, as many fans believe he has lost the trust and respect of his players. Aside from disputes with Jackson, Nelson has butt heads with Monta Ellis, frustrated Stephen Curry by taking away minutes, and still hasn't won any points with Anthony Randolph. Anti-Nellie protests have sprouted from ugly losses featuring no chemistry and pathetic defensive effort.

The Warriors trademark uptempo, no defense style is not working. The tiresome tempo is hurting the Warriors more than opponents, as injuries are abundant. Brandon Wright and Deavan George went down in the pre-season. Andris Biedrins, Roni Turiaf, and now Kelenna Azubuike are out. Azubuike injured his patella and could be out anywhere from three months to the rest of this season.

The Warriors are the most vulnerable defensive team in the league and it's no secret. Don Nelson's run and gun is dead and it has never won an NBA title. Brandon Jennings, who the Warriors chose to pass on in the draft, burned the W's for 55 points last Saturday in Milwaukee. Jennings desrves credit, but if the Bucks were playing the Cetics or Lakers, Kendrick Perkins or Ron Artest would have put Jennings's 169 pound body on the ground if the rookie got near the painted area. The Warriors have no physical players (They had two, but one is out indefinitly and the other has been traded). Don't even say Raja Bell. He is old an irrelevant. If the Warriors start to really stink it up, and they will, Nelson could be gone. I welcome the idea of Keith Smart as the head coach. He coaches defense and hungry to make a name for himself. Nelson wants to get the all-time wins record and go back to Maui for good. Now I now how FSU football fans feel with the Bobby Bowden situation. Like Nelson, Bowden built the program, is hunting the all-time wins record, but does not give his team the best chance to win as head coach.

Who is the Warriors leader now? Monta Ellis? I guess, but Monta is not a good leader. He doesn't make anyone else around him better. He can score, but he's best when a teammate gets him the ball. Curry has leader potential, but it will not be cultivated with this disfunctional organization. The joke continues.

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