Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warriors Answer Pre-season Questions

When the NBA season began last week, Warriors fans had nothing to be excited about. That didn't stop the best fans in the NBA from creating motivation to tune into this sorry excuse of a basetball team. It was all about answering questions.

Remember? Will Stephen Jackson's trade request effect his play? Will Curry take over in his rookie season? Is Monta completely healed from his ankle injury? Will Morrow and Randolph have breakout seasons? Yada, yada, yada...

After the first two games the answers are bublling to the surface of the figurative Golden State eight ball. Jackson's lack of interest is obvious on the court, he looks like he took muscle relaxers before the game. He must know the trade isn't happening and is playing like a kid that knows he isn't getting anything for his birthday. (Only the Warriors still have to pay this son of a gun)

Curry looks good, yet he's getting schooled as expected. He would have instant success as a shooting guard, but the point comes with a much steeper learning curve. Curry needs a team with more post presense and team mates that require less touches. To many wannabe cheifs on the Warriors, few indians.

Then we have the Anthonys: Morrow and Randolph. Still a bit early to determine whether a breakout season is in the making for either guy. The Warriors need Randolph more than Morrow, especially with the loss of Brandon Wright in pre-season. So far, Morrow is getting lost in the mix, fighting Ellis, Curry, Azubuike, and Maggette for shot attempts.

That's what the Warriors look like. A bunch of kids arguing on the playground for a turn to shoot. "It's my turn! I wanna shoot!" No one is on the same page. One guy can have a good night and the rest struggle. I'm embarrassed for them. But seriously, what did you expect?

The Warriors have established themselves as less than the Suns and Rockets, two teams likely to fight fot the eigth seed. Tomorrow they play the Grizzlies, a team many pcked to be a bottom three in the West. If the Warriors lose tomorrow night, all my pre-season questions will be answered. If they lose to the Grizz, my motivation for watching Warriors basketball will be rooted in a sick sado masichist fetish.

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