Monday, November 9, 2009

Warriors back to familiar basement

It is that bad. The Warriors are back to selling tickets using big market opponents. "Come see LeBron, Kobe, or Paul Pierce..."
It's a great...never mind.

It's an unfortunate situation. Starving Bay Area fans were beginning to come out to Oracle expecting the Warriors to have a chance to win, no matter who the opponent is. After the Clippers defecated on the Warriors faces, at home, fans can expect the Warriors capable of losing to any team any night. Please, do not expect anything similar to what you have seen over the past few seasons. Save yourself the let down and frustration while you still can.

Losing to the Kings, the Western Conference's worst team last season, leaves the Warriors on the brink of taking their place this year. A loss to the Timberwolves tonight would all but push the Warriors into the cellar as the Western Conference doormat.

Team chemistry is terrible. The veterans are frustrated with the rookies and the rookies are struggling to find their roles. The only thing in common is a everyone is sick of Don Nelson. There are too many people to blame, but players, fans, and Bay Area sports writers are down on Nelly.
Watching the Warriors play is infinitely irritating, a sentiment shared by all the W's following. When have you seen a more whiny, self entitled, heartless, group of paid athletes? No one is getting their money's worth.

There has to be some changes in personnel. Stephen Jackson's agent/representative made derogatory statements about Don Nelson as a coach in an attempt to put more pressure on the Warriors' front office to move the disgruntled player who once went into a crowd and punched a paying fan in the face.
There is no reason to let desperation factor into moving Whack-Jack. This season is already a bust, why not sit him? Just keep him away from the impressionable young team like Ellis, Randolph, and company. (Curry is to smart to be influenced by an jerk like Jack) I'm not ready to give up on Monta, even though he has not showed himself worthy of the $66 million contract he signed before last season. Whatever moves this team makes, it should be in the interest of getting better next season. This season is a lost cause. The Warriors story this season is like Lord of the Flies.

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