Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warriors Blow Out T'Wolves

The Warriors are better than two teams in the Western Conference: the Grizzlies and the T'Wolves. The Warriors played a great game against an awful team. It was like watching a gang jump a nerd, as eight Warriors reached double figures in scoring.
It was nice to see the Warriors dispense a beat-down rather than absorb one. Easy-to-please Warriors fans at Oracle cheered on their team, specifically former team captain Stephen Jackson, who shredded the T'Wolves repeatedly on the way to 10 points and 15 assists. Azubuike and Morrow showed they are highly effective when set up by a skilled facilitator like Jackson.

Jackson's new found generosity and productivity are supplementary to his agent's Don Nelson rip, in the continued effort to move the disgruntled star. The best thing about the game last night was not the much needed win, but the increase of Jackson's trade value. I know his contract is cumbersome, but Jack could be the difference maker to a team like the Cavs, Nuggets, or Heat in having a chance against the Lakers deep in the playoffs.

Don't let last night's game fool you, it was the T'Wolves. Tomorrow night's game against the Pacers should bring back the frustration of last weekend. Let's see how long Jackson continues to play like he's auditioning for LeBron and D-Wade...

Breifly: Andris Biedrins and Roni Turiaf both missed last night's game and Biedrins will continue to sit due to a combination groin and back injury. Both players participated in the Eurobasket tournament over the summer, a possible explanation for the early physical breakdowns. In the meanwhile, the Warriors will make due with the skeleton crew front line of Mikki Moore and Anthony Randolph.

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gobigg415 said...

I'd actually rather keep Jackson, especially after last night. Showed just how important he is to us winning.