Thursday, November 12, 2009

Warriors lose to Pacers, disfunction continues

The Warriors surprised no one by losing to the Pacers in Indiana last night. Unlike the successful game against Minnesota, the Warriors forgot how to move the ball on offense. The most noticeable difference was the absence of Stephen Jackson and his game. (Did we really expect whatever possessed Jack to stay?) Of course not.

Jackson started the game slow, missing four of his first five shots and subsequently yanked by Nellie. Jackson played a short spell in the third quarter, but was not on the floor in the fourth quarter when the Warriors cut a 19 point deficit to 8. I never remember a game when Jackson played 18 minutes.

After the game Nellie said Jackson "hurt his back, hip, or ...something."

Jackson said he is completely fine and "doesn't know why he wasn't in."

What a dilemma. Do you keep Jackson and his distractions off the court and away from the team or play Jackson to showcase his value and take his contributions when he feels like playing? I say bench him. Better yet, ban him from the locker room. Playing him won't raise his value anymore than what it is now, especially when he gives the Warriors nothing four out five games. Not to mention mucks up team chemistry. Also, factor in the possibility of injury (even though he isn't likely to exert enough energy to be at risk). The slim chance of moving Jackson is built on the idea of helping a team this season. It must be a team that has a chance to compete for the title, a short list as it is.

The point is Nellie can't live on the fence by continuing to play a guy that isn't a part of a team. It's like carrying on a marriage with a cheating partner or stuffing your dead pet. Sure Jackson is physically there, but it's not healthy. The earlier the Warriors can figure out how to play without him, the better off the team will be in the long run.

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