Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warriors meet with Monta Ellis' agent today

Please excuse WRD's banner. We are in the process of accommodating Stephen Jackson's request to be moved to a blog with Al (Harrington) in New York or with one of the Texas teams.
Basketball's 'Bad News Bears' will return home from the Eastern road trip, taking one out of five games. The post-trade skeleton crew fared well in back to back games against Cleveland and Boston. Team chemistry is markedly improved without Whack Jack holding the ball. The Warriors were neck and neck with the Cavs into the final two minutes of the game and played a great first half against Boston. The Warriors competed with nobility, unlike some of the whippings they received earlier this year.

Stephen Jackson is gone, yet team chemistry is far from golden. Monta Ellis, who was close with Jackson, has shown discontent with the Warriors management. Negative feelings between Ellis and Warriors front office, specifically Robert Rowell, grew from the infamous moped incident. Ellis was fined $3 million and suspended the season after he signed a six year $66 million contract. Monta's agent will meet with team president Robert Rowell and general manager Larry Riley today to discuss Ellis's future with the Warriors. Ellis has been unhappy with Don Nelson and also wasn't happy with the drafting of Stephen Curry.

A possible Ellis trade is unlike the circumstances surrounding Jackson's recent deal. If Ellis were to go, the Warriors expect talent in return, not just expiring contracts.

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