Monday, December 28, 2009

Warriors Beat Celtics at Oracle

Warriors vs. Celtics at Oracle. End of third quarter: GS 23, BOS18 in the 3rd
Wow! The Warriors came out strong in the third quarter for once. It's happened seldom this season, but the presence of Biedrins and Turiaf (which equals depth) kept the W's fresh.

Final: Warriors 103, Celtics 99

The Warriors got win number nine over the Celtics, who are the class of the Eastern conference. Granted, the the Warriors caught the Celts on the second game of a back to back. The Celts lost last night to the Clippers and came into Oakland tired. They also played without Paul Pierce and Marquis Daniels.

Still, the Warriors deserve credit for their recent two game winning streak. When you can count the amount of wins on two hands, it's not hard to recall the few surges of momentum thus far. The first truly impressive win came Nov 20 at home against the Blazers. Not only did the Warriors beat a formidable Western opponent, but this game marked the launch of this Monta Ellis rocket that has taken off this year.

The biggest win of the year came Nov 24 against the Mavs. The Warriors played a six man rotation as the injured outnumbered the active. The Warriors left Dallas victorious reviving memories of the "WE BELIEVE" era.

Beating the Suns on Saturday created the momentum needed to beat the Celts tonight. In consecutive wins over the Suns and Celtics, the Warriors have gone with the strategy of allowing the opposing point guard to put up big numbers (Nash 36 points, Rondo 30 points 15 assists), while preventing featured big men to go off (Amare Stoudamire 8 points, Garnett 16).

It's finally time for the Warriors to have some success. They have played most of the season without a center, the return of Biedrins and Turiaf will take significant pressure off the over worked Warriors back court.

The Warriors have a majority of their games at home in January. With an excited home crowd combined with the interior defense and rebounding of a healthy front line, the Warriors have proven they can beat any team in the league. Part of me loves the Warriors playing good ball, I don't want them to win too may. Not to be negative, but the playoffs are out of the question and I cling to the fantasy of the Warriors winning the lottery and getting John Wall from Kentucky. Imagine the Warriors next year: The Iverson-like Ellis, more developed Curry, Randolph, Morrow and Watson, healthy Azubuike and Brandon Wright with a high first round pick....

As a Warriors fan, I have learned not to get my hopes up, so I will just appreciate the success of late.

Tomorrow, the Warriors play the Lakers at the Staples Center. The Lakers were crushed by the Cavs on Christmas and beat by the Suns tonight. The Warriors will face a disgraced and hungry Lakers squad. The biggest concern will be Pau Gasol, who owned the Warriors during the last meeting between these two teams, a non-competitive beat down the Lakers won by the score of 130-97.

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