Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Warriors Fall to Grizzlies at Memphis

If Zack Randolph scores over 30 points in a game, the Grizzlies will most likely win. If the Grizzlies played the Warriors every game, they would be the number one seed in the Western Conference.

The current team the Warriors shove onto the court is the second worse team in the West, third worse in the league. Warriors players have been quoted saying injury is no excuse, but it is. No Biendrins, Turiaf, or Azubuike hurts. Giving up Stephen Jackson for injured Raja Bell and Vladamir Radmonivic hurts. Watching the Warriors try to play basketball hurts.

Warriors fans are at their limit with rebuilding years. It's understandable to spend three to four years in the basement, draft some players for the future, inject some vets, and work toward getting into the playoffs. Some teams that followed this formula are the Atlanta Hawks, OKC Thunder, Portland Blazers, and the Kings have turned around nicely from last season.

Not the Warriors, who have been "rebuilding" 14 of the last 16 seasons, are once again paddling in circles.

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