Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warriors fall to OKC, Ellis needs support

The Warriors lost to the Thunder in Oklahoma City last night, the fourth consecutive loss for the struggling W's. Monta Ellis played every minute of the contest and tallied a game high 31 points. Ellis also made nine turnovers and took 28 of the teams 76 shots. Out of the available Warriors, Ellis is the only one that can get away with taking one third of the teams field goal attempts. Stephen Curry scored a career high 22 points, but the Warriors lost Correy Maggette via ejection in the third quarter and were without Anthony Morrow, who was attending a family member's funeral in North Carolina.

Monta Ellis is having no problem putting up 30 plus points every night, it's a shame the Warriors can't support their emerging superstar team mate. Golden State doesn't have a clear cut number two player. Correy Maggette and Anthony Morrow have been the two most capable players in helping Ellis shoulder the scoring burden. Maggette is averaging 15.5 points per game and Morrow 14.6. Steph Curry and C.J. Watson are also capable of scoring 20 plus points to help Ellis.

It would be nice to have a clear cut number two scorer, specifically a power forward like Amare Stoudamire or Carlos Boozer; Ellis needs a break or he's likely to break down. The Warriors are missing Andris Biedrins the most. Only on the Warriors would Mikki Moore get a starter's kind of run. If I have to watch him fumble another pass under the basket, I'm going to throw my remote at the T.V.

The Warriors play the second most injury plagued team Wednesday in the New Jersey Nets. The Nets have just one win in 20 games and are the lowest scoring team in the league averaging 87 points per contest. The Warriors should be able to reach the 120 point mark if Monta Ellis gets the help from Maggette, Morrow, or Curry.

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