Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Impeach Robert Rowell!

I think I was a little harsh on Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis last night. They can't help the fact they were coddled their whole lives and don't need to honor contracts like us common folk.
The blame falls on Chris Cohan and more so, Robert Rowell. These two suits are more incompetent than the guys from Night at the Roxbury. Neither know anything about basketball.

The Warriors are in the same situation as their NFL neighbors, the Oakland Raiders. They are victims of poor management. As the Raiders will not make the playoffs until after Al Davis dies, so the Warriors will not begin to improve until a post-Cohan era. Hopefully, when a new owner buys the team (which isn't expected to happen anytime soon), hopefully they fire Robert Rowell. Seriously, what has he done positive for this team? Nothing. What has he done to make the Warriors worse? Plenty. 1.) Piss of Monta Ellis 2.) Run Chris Mullen out of town 3.) Sign Stephen Jackson to a stupid $35 million contract.

Robert Rowell is the George W. Bush of Bay Area sports. An idiot puppet that can't help but attract hate and screw things up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jackson, Ellis Unhappy on Media Day

Poor Stephen Curry. What is he doing on a team of losers and awful human beings? Curry is a rookie and has more maturity than Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis will ever have in their lives. The Warriors have done nothing, but reward the latter two players with big contracts, only stabbed from behind by these treacherous rats.

There should be a law in the NBA to prevent players from leveraging against teams that invest big money in multi year deals. For instance, inter-organizational fines for public trade requests and or if a player bails like Jackson wants, he must sit out a year before getting reinstated. Never gonna happen.

Trade Jackson. What a lowlife, riding Baron's coat tails to a contract he didn't deserve. Solid basketball player, far from great, and a scumbag through and through. When the season starts, and the Warriors haven't shoveled the pile of Jackson excrement over the fence, fans at Oracle will be quite upset. If you have lower level seats, do not vocalize your displeasure too loudly as Jackson will run into the stands to fight you. Second thought, please do that. Maybe someone could provoke him. Stephen, I wish you the worst.

Please send Monta Ellis out along with Jackson. We get it, you hate the Warriors for fining you $3 mill. Now it's the Warriors problem you messed up? You are not that good, with your bad ankle, bad knee, and no basketball I.Q. At this point, I'll take Curry over you any day.

Jackson is hopeless and must be traded, but Ellis' attitude is salvageable if they get rid of Jackson ASAP. The most important player is Randolph, followed by Curry and Biedrins. Okay, now you can start rebuilding. Again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nelson Offers to Work for Free

Finally, the Stephen Jackson elephant in the room was addressed for real. Don Nelson removed the puppet from his hand, Larry Riley, and stepped up to the microphone at a pre-training camp news conference.

Nelson threw out some bones for a Warriors nation starving for something to chew on. The crafty 69 year old Nelson started off by offering to work the 2011-12 season for free, doing whatever job necessary, as a token of gratitude for the generous contract extension granted October 2008. As Tim Kawakami pointed out, this is a ploy for Nelson to get his old paws back in when the Warriors actually have a shot at getting to the playoffs. I think it's a distraction from the Stephen Jackson mess.

Speaking of Jackson, Nelson said he is not upset with Jack, but understands it's difficult to be a veteran on a rebuilding team. Nelson also stated he will try to accommodate Jackson if the Warriors can find a fair trade. If not, Jackson will still be a team captain (A captain that would dive off a ship at the first sight of a glacier).

Nelson also led some to believe rookie, Stephen Curry, will be a starter this season. That would be a good move.

Should anyone who follows the Warriors feel better? No, but at least they (Puppet Master Nelson) addressed the issues. Until Friday, I pictured Larry Riley, Robert Rowell, and Chris Cohan all sitting under their desks, rocking back and forth in the fetal position, with their hands covering their ears.

No need to worry anymore, kids. Daddy Nelson is back from the bar and ready to run this Warriors circus another season.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jackson Still Team Captain, Riley makes move with Nets

The Stephen Jackson trade comments are still an unsolved mystery, or unresolved mystery to Bay Area fans. His request could not have been more clear, but everyone in the Warriors organization adheres to the mafia code of omerta. Don Nelson is more like Don Corleone, with an invisible influence of silence, carried out by his consigliere Larry Riley. (Since I am on a roll with Godfather references)

"Jackson will report to training camp and he is still the team's captain," says Riley. What the people want to know is: Will the Warriors move Jackson? Would they be better off without him? Acting like nothing ever happened is totally condescending to the fans and a testament to the wimpy West coast media.

No, the Warriors will not move Jackson before the season starts and yes the Warriors are better without him. They would be worse this season, but it would pay off in the future by forcing Nelson to play Stephen Curry. I have a feeling Curry is going to make an immediate impact.

I jest the Warriors for the silence on the Jackson "non-issue", out of frustration. There is no other way to handle a potentially volatile player like Jack. If the Warriors front office decided to be more aggressive in punishing Jackson's lip slip, like the way Robert Rowell handled the Monta Ellis scooter accident incident, Jack may have thrown a full blown hissy. (Skipping training camp, stirring up dissension in the locker room, and all kinds of flagrant Terrel Owens behavior that ruins teams)

Unlike the harsh and very public way the Warriors reprimanded a young Ellis, handling a veteran who acts like a petulant rookie is quite different. Think Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny: "Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm hunting wabbit." If Riley decided to move Jackson, it would be done in mafia-esque, tip-toe secrecy. Jackson is tradable, but not a target commodity, like Biedrins, Ellis, or Curry. He would be a great fit on a contending team, a team that doesn't mind taking on a 31 year old with four years and $35 million on his contract. Ridding the roster of Stephen Jackson will be about as pleasant as burying a dead body.

Briefly: Russia's richest man, Mikhail Prokhorov, has agreed to buy 80 percent of the New Jersey Nets franchise and will finance half of the project to move the team to Brooklyn. Speaking of the Nets, Larry Riley made a deal with New Jersey to delay the compensation of a first round pick to 2012, a deal made in the acquisition of Marcus Williams. This move is rumored to leave room for making a deal this season, possibly a ploy to move Stephen Jackson.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jackson Fined by NBA

Stephen Jackson will be fined $25,000 by the NBA for publicly requesting to be traded Aug. 28. Despite the Warriors pacifistic approach to the situation, the NBA believes Jackson's behavior is detrimental to the League as a whole. The last player to incur this penalty, ironically, is Jackson's former team mate and tag team partner "Ron Ron" Artest from the Q.B.

As I watch the NBA step in where the Warriors did not, I can't help but compare the situation to domestic violence. Stephen Jackson is the abusive husband with his beer stained wife-beater tank top and the Warriors are the battered wife, afraid to stand up for herself in fear of awakening her husband's rage. The NBA is the police called by the neighbors (the media) and are obligated to arrest someone: Jackson.

My intention is not to marginalize a serious subject (violence at home), but the Warriors do not deserve Jackson's abuse. Don Nelson supposedly communicated with Jackson and has assured everyone that all is copacetic. I'll (maybe) believe it when Jackson stands up in front of the Bay Area media and publicly apologizes for speaking so recklessly.

Suppose Jackson decides he wants to make good and apologize. Will the fans believe him? As a team mate of Jackson's, how would you feel about the team if your captain and leader has basically indicated he doesn't want to play with a team of losers. Jackson's perception has taken regressive step backward to what is was in 2005: Out of control thug and team cancer. Did the Pacers get the best of the 2006 deal? At least some Warriors fans are able to pull that yellow "We Believe" shirt out of their dresser. I enjoyed all the Jackson memories, but Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy look pretty good right now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grizzlies Sign Iverson...Huh?

Allen Iverson signed a $3.1 million contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. That has to be the dumbest move any team has made all off season. We all know Iverson is a volume shooter, wherever he plays. He even thought he was the man more so than Carmello Anthony in Denver. Look what happened when the Nuggets opted for cancer treatment and cut ties with A.I.( A godsend in Chauncy Billups)

Iverson would take the most shots if he were on the Lakers or Cavs. He refuses to acknowledge his legs are not what they were eight years ago, not to mention his back which sidelined him last season. Iverson has a low basketball I.Q., having built a career on talent and athleticism alone. Why would Memphis want to take touches away from O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol, and Mike Conley?

When Iverson was interviewed about the recent signing, specifically about his low salary (as he is accustomed to earning upward of $15 mil a year), Iverson said, "It ain't about business, it's personal..."

"Personal"...No talk of doing his part to help the Grizzlies win or do his part to contribute to a talented young team. It's personal to Allen. It's all about him and his 30 shot attempts per game. Does Iverson still have some good years left? Yeah, he'll get some 25 to 35 point games, but at what cost? Why slow the development of a talented young team that could be a few years from a playoff birth? The truth is the Grizzlies did not acquire Iverson to get into the playoffs. A.I. is a ticket sales marketing tactic. As proven in Denver and Detroit, Iverson does not make the players around him better. Look for the Grizzlies' play to improve once Iverson's back flares up again and O.J. Mayo gets his team back.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Biedrins Vs. Turiaf in Eurobasket

Stephen Jackson accurately described the state of the Warriors when he voiced his trade request: "Things are up in the air right now..."

Warriors fans have every reason to be concerned about the franchise they are punished for loving. Ownership is not committed to winning as proved by Chris Cohan's plan to sell the team, coach Don Nelson is a short timer with privileges of a general manager slash president of basketball operations, and locker room leader and team captain Stephen Jackson wants out of a place where he is beloved (so you know there has to be something ugly behind the curtain).

In the interest of selling tickets, the Warriors organization has some interesting new elements to look forward to this season. The biggest headline is rookie Stephen Curry, who is expected to light up the scoreboard in coach Nelson's offense. Anthony Randolph had an excellent Summer League and it will be interesting to see what he can do with more muscle, confidence, and starter's minutes. Don't forget Monta Ellis, who still wants to make up for the missed time last season and re-establish himself as the go-to offensive option (specifically with the potential loss of Jackson and competition from Stephen Curry).

If Warriors fans need a distraction from the multiple elephants in the room, which we do, Roni Turiaf and Andris Biedrins competed in a Eurobasket game that featured France versus Latvia. Turiaf will be the one giving grief in practice as France won the game 60-51 thanks to a burst of offense by All-Star guard Tony Parker. Biedrins grabbed a tournament high 20 rebounds in the contest.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Riley Responds to Jackson's Comments

The ears of Warriors fans are still ringing from the blast that came from Stephen Jackson and his sudden desire to get out of Oakland. The Warriors' general manager Larry Riley down played Jackson's comments stating "...our expectations of him have not changed despite his recent comments."

The Warriors have been negotiating with journeyman center Mikki Moore and will likely sign him this week. C.J. Watson turned down a $5.4 million three year contract, with the third year player option. Watson is concerned about being third in the point guard rotation behind Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

Adding Watson and Moore tells me the Warriors aspire to finish above the Clippers and Kings in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. If the Stephen Jackson drama gets uglier, beating out the Clips and Kings would be an ambitious goal.