Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellis not among All-Star reserves

Monta Ellis was not listed on the All-Star reserve roster released today. Oh well, he was deserving, but so is every player on that roster. Chauncy Billups wasn't chosen, so that is a testament to the caliber of player in the Western Conference. It would be safe to say Ellis would have an invite if the Warriors played on in the Eastern conference. The Warriors would have been in the playoffs more than one time in 14 years if they played in the Eastern Conference. The West is better collectively, but that won't show in the hyped up scrimmage that is the All-Star game.

Like everyone in Warriors nation, I'm disappointed Ellis didn't make the team. I'm biased because I have watched him grow as a player. I admit I was sceptical of his ability as a leader, as he had always deferred to Stephen Jackson and Baron before. Ellis proved me and many others wrong, beginning with the Nov. 20 win over the Blazers when he outplayed Brandon Roy and scored a game high 34 points. The next game was the win over the Mavs in Dallas with a six man rotation and Don Nelson out with pneumonia. Monta Ellis has carried the team and played well with Steph Curry, or at least better than Ellis predicted before the season opener. The All-Star game is a popularity contest, unlike the 2000 presidential election. I just don't buy the excuse that Monta didn't make it because the Warriors are lousy. Danny Granger and Devin Harris made were selected last year, despite the suckiness of the Pacers and Nets...Oh yeah, that's the Eastern Conference.

I predict Ellis will make the team next year, hopefully representing the Warriors.

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Trevor Cole said...

So Weak that Monta didn't make it. But I guess the other guys who did have been doing it for a little bit longer than Ellis has. This is really the first year he's playing like an all-star, if he keeps it up, he'll definitely find himself making it soon enough.