Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nuggets steal game from Warriors, refs blow multiple calls

Un-be-lievable. As a Warriors fan, I haven't been so disappointed since 2006 when gun toting Gil Arenas hit three free throws with no time in the game to beat the Warriors. The T was called by Darrick Stafford on Don Nelson for stepping on the court. If you have been following since "We Believe", you remember that moment and how awful that call was. That Wizards call, just like tonight's horrendous call against the Nuggets, is an example of the refs deciding the game rather than the players.

Jason Phillips, the referee who blew the call, is probably buddies with Tim Donaghy and should be investigated for fixing the outcome of this game. It's not just the last "phantom foul" on J.R. Smith that Phillips missed, he ignored the Warriors bench calling for timeout when Corey Maggette stripped Nene. Instead he called a jumpball, which led to the Nugs possession and the crime of that awful call. Monta Ellis did not foul Smith when J.R. chucked up a half court prayer.

It's to bad the refs are getting discussed rather than some Warriors who played great games. Corey Maggette scored a season high 35 points on an efficient 12-16 shooting and 7 boards. He is on fire. Stephen Curry scored 26 points on 10-13 shooting, 6-6 on three pointers.

For the Nuggets, Ty Lawson scored 21 points and dished 7 assists. Kenyon Martin scored 27 points with 13 boards.

The Nuggets were without three key players in Carmello Anthony, Chauncy Billups, and Chris Anderson, so the player that took the court matched up evenly. The Warriors could have done better to increase their lead, but sloppy play prevented any breathing room. For the first time this year, the Warriors executed down the stretch, getting a go ahead bucket and a defensive stop, but it was not meant to be.
Mr. Stern, I implore you to investigate Jason Phillips and his dubious call. Or maybe it's teams from Oakland that get hosed by incompetent officiating.

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mh said...

Un-be-lievable I agree with you. I saw the whole thing and heard all the sports reporters who called the game and about ten others just in shock.Saying what this is and then trying to be polite.Disgusting. I am going to buy Tim's book tomorrow and I think Jason owes an apology. If Bob Delaney can do it.so can he. What goes around, comes around. Ask Tim.