Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warriors on life support

The Warriors looked pathetic against the Bobcats and former star Stephen Jackson, who wore a grin all the way to a 30 point night. There are so many things wrong with the way the Warriors played. If I listed them all, I would be putting forth more effort than the team did on the court last Friday. Simplified, the "leaders" don't care. Namely, Don Nelson. Monta Ellis looks frustrated.

After watching Captain Jack bring his playoff bound Bobcats into Oakland and humiliate the Warriors, Ellis had to feel the temptation to make a similar exit strategy to Jackson's. The All-Star snubbing of the Warriors' featured player was more than not making the team. It was league's way of communicating how negatively it views the Warriors. In Monta's mind, he must realize being a member of this team is holding him back. He has to if I can see it that from the outside. Don Nelson is holding him back, Robert Rowell is holding him back, and Chris Cohen is holding him back. While I'm at it, Larry Riley is holding Ellis back from being elite. The drafting of Steph Curry makes Ellis a bit more expendable, thus tradable. Ellis knew that coming into the draft. Let's keep it real. The more Curry grows, the less room there will be for Ellis.

No one wants to be on the Warriors, except Anthony Tolliver. It just blows me away that Oracle has the most wild and supportive fans in the NBA and still the Warriors lack the intensity to keep the game competitive. Pathetic and unacceptable, mostly unwatchable.

Things will get worse before they get better. The Warriors have lost four consecutive games and play six more before the All-Star break. The opponents are @Oklahoma City, @Houston, @Dallas, at home vs. Oklahoma City, Dallas, and the Clippers.

It's highly probable the Warriors could lose 10 straight going into the All-Star break. How could Don Nelson still have a job if the Warriors lose even nine of 10? Every time the Warriors play, the low energy is a reflection of how little Don Nelson cares.

This team is "rebuilding", but has no direction. Talent is present, but uncultivated. The Warriors not only need a dominant post player, but they need to change their identity to accommodate a big man. Larry Riley will make a trade before the deadline, and it had better not be for Amare Stoudamire. Just keep tanking for that lottery pick, fellas.

Briefly: The Warriors continue the parade of D-League players. The latest is Coby Karl, son of Denver Nuggets coach George Karl. The Warriors will drop Cartier Martin, who has not produced and shown poor decision making over the last few games. Karl should bring some basketball I.Q. to a team who lacks it. In an interview on KNBR, Don Nelson told Ralph and Tom that Stephen Curry is the smartest player on the team. Not a shocker.

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