Thursday, February 25, 2010

76ers dominate Warriors

The 76ers, like many teams in the league, seem to have to Warriors number this year. After an emotional win over a top Eastern Conference team in the Atlanta Hawks, the Warriors had to like their chances against Philly, who are a lesser team than the Hawks. The last meeting against the Sixers was in Philly at the end of a road trip, as the Warriors apologists will mention, and resulted in the Warriors getting beat down in a varsity versus frosh ugliness.

To the disappointment of hopeful Warriors fans, the Sixers dominated the game. The Warriors made a push in the fourth, but I won't get into all the details, that's for Warriors beat writers. As usual, several Warriors opponents achieved career and season highs against non-existent Warriors defense. Rodney Carney had a season high 16 points that came easier than a pre-game shoot around, shooting 3-5 from three point range. Lou Williams, a young player getting better every year, scored 26 points and matched a career high with five three point makes, including a dagger to put the game away.

I don't want to hear the Warriors apologists make excuses about how the Warriors "just didn't shoot well" or "they sure played a great fourth quarter". The bottom line is they lost the game because of horrible defense. The 76ers towel boy could have scored against the Warriors. If CJ Watson isn't scoring, he's useless, as he often allows opposing point guards to blow by him. Anthony Morrow couldn't guard without fouling, and Steph Curry is always a target of the opponent's offensive game plan. Monta Ellis is the only Warriors player that can guard on the ball and sometimes he finds foul trouble trying to be too aggressive.

When the Warriors win, it's because of offensive production from the guards and wings. The 76ers guards and wings were far better than Golden State's. Lou Williams, Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguadala, and Rodney Carney created fast breaks, got easy buckets, shared the ball to get open shots, and used their superior athleticism to bother the Warriors perimeter focused offense.

The Warriors are the most exciting team in the NBA when they are making shots, but when they can't convert on offense, it's like watching a lion take his time on a broken legged zebra. It's gonna be ugly.

Notes: Andris Biedrins played only 9:00 in the loss to the 76ers. In an interview with The Razor and Mr. T on KNBR, Don Nelson said, "(about Biedrins) I'm not going to rub his belly anymore. If he's not willing to make a contribution, I'm going to take him out for someone who is." Biedrins has shot 3-23 from the free throw line this season and has looked hesitant to initiate offense inside.

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