Monday, February 15, 2010

All-Star game ho-hum, weak dunk contest

The All-Star game was stupid, a parade of egos and pompous children. Each event was contrived and more fake than pleather. The negative reviews do not come from a bitter place inspired by the Monta Ellis triple snub. (Chauncy Billups, Chris Kaman, and Jason Kidd were all chosen as replacements for injured All-Stars over Ellis) From an unbiased perspective, the All-Star events sucked.

The dunk contest was stupid. Nate Robinson is 5'8" and can dunk, OMG! The short guy-who-can-dunk gimmick was done by 5'7" Spud Webb in 86'. Nate Robinson is not in the top 50 players in terms of dunking ability in the NBA. Let's see LeBron, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, and the real superstars. The dunk contest was weaker than the NFL Pro Bowl in terms of no-name participants. Isn't the idea behind the All-Star weekend to have competitions involving the best? Get off the stage Nate Robinson, hardly good enough to be a starter on the lowly Knicks.

I lieu of the dunk contest, I would like to see an 'NBA Jam' contest. Remember the video game that took the top two players on each team? Imagine Kobe and Gasol versus Paul Pierce and Garnett. Chris Paul and David West versus Tony Parker and Tim Duncan or Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer....Or maybe create a one-on-one tournament. Even if the top players didn't want to put their egos on the line, the intensity of one-on-one would make for an entertaining event. (I would like Monta Ellis one-on-one against anyone)

After the self promoting, jersey marketing event that is the All-Star game, it will be nice to get back to the regular season. The trade deadline is this Thursday Feb 18, less than three days. It will be interesting to see if trade rumors hold up. Will Caron Butler go to Dallas? Amare Stoudamire to Cleveland? Will Warriors GM Larry Riley put his money where his slow southern accent is and make a deal to bring a "quality palyer" to Oakland?

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Myth of the Dream said...

What are they doing to guys? Making the all-star game on Valentine's Day? Or are they trying to take all the single men's minds off their loneliness?