Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kobe-less Lakers beat Warriors

The Warriors put up a fight against the mighty Lakers, but couldn't take advantage in Kobe's absence. Instead, the W's let Shannon Brown get a career high 27 points. Its no longer shocking to see he Warriors lose, but I was shocked to see a picture of Shannon Brown on my Yahoo! homepage. (Like scoring 27 on the Warriors is some kind of achievement) No disrespect to Brown, he's a good young player in a fortunate position. When the defense has to game plan for Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, and Kobe, Shannon Brown is going to get open. Props to Brown for capitalizing on the opportunity, but scoring 27 on the Warriors is equivalent to a 15 point night against most other teams (which is still productive). Brown is overrated, though.

In the post game interview, here is what Brown had to say:

“I didn’t really know that Kobe was going to be out again, and that I was going to start until we had our pregame talk.”

“I just tried to come out and be aggressive. That team was a great team for me to play against. They’re the type of team that likes to get up and down, and I like to play like that."
When Brown says "up and down" he means the Warriors play no defense. It's no coincidence that many players have had season and career highs against the Warriors this season. Brown is not the only player that "likes to get up and down." If you're a guard in the NBA and you don't like to get up and down, you won't last long. Brandon Jennings likes to get up and down also, notching a 55 point game against the W's in November. Even Beno Udich, a third rate guard Kings, has lit up the Warriors. I think he likes to get up and down, too. Sorry Shannon Brown, but getting praise for scoring 27 on Golden State's satin soft defense is like giving a boxer a belt for beating on a punching bag or out-sprinting someone on the last quarter mile of the Boston Marathon.

On a rare positive note, Stephen Curry nearly had another triple-double going for 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. Unfortunately Curry shot a dreadful 5-21 from the field.

Derek Fisher and Sasha Vujacic are taking advantage of playing in L.A. and showcased skills that could have only been learned from Hollywood acting classes. Both Lakers players flopped and whined for foul calls, many of the going against Steph Curry, who found foul trouble early and contributed to his woeful shooting night. Credit to Fisher for rendering Curry ineffective, granted he is a cheap player. Fisher and Vujacic could create a new niche in coaching after their careers are over, as flop coaches. Seriously, players should be fined for attempts to flop and mislead referees. It's perturbs me to see players flop, especially on such a talent loaded team like the Lakers, who don't need that nonsense to win.

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