Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mavs boat race Warriors, Beaubois scores 40

Rodrigue Beaubois is the name of the Tony Parker/Leandro Barbosa lovechild who shredded the Warriors and the nylon in Oracle Arena last night. The six-foot rookie came into the game averaging 6 points per game, scored 26 in the first half and 40 for the game. He sparked a run in the second quarter that led to Dallas boat racing the Warriors, thus killing any competitive spirit in Golden State. Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitski took the night off, so to speak, as their services were not needed thanks mainly to Beaubois, along with Shawn Marion (18 pts) and Caron Butler (14 pts).

Beaubois is an intriguing player. His out of body scoring streak invoked memories of diminutive Brandon Jennings putting up 55 on the Warriors in November. Both Beaubois and Jennings appear to be point guards, but that is a misnomer. Just because a player is the smallest on the court and likes to handle the ball, doesn't make them a point. Both Beaubois and Jennings look to score, and realistically, are undersized shooting guards. Monta Ellis fits that category, and Allen Iverson is the grandfather of the undersized two guard scoring machine.

If Beaubois can duplicate half of his production he achieved against the W's last night, the Mavs are the team to beat...right? No, it's still the Lakers, but with the Lakers Achilles heal being point guard play, Beaubois will have the chance to create a mismatch. The Lakers could counter by letting Beaubois do damage and hope that takes touches away from Nowitski, Butler, Terry, and Marion...We'll get to that next month.

Notes: No Monta Ellis tonight against the Clippers as the Warriors travel down to the arena where the Lakers play. Ellis will try to recover from a flu virus that has been nagging him this past week. The Warriors trounced the Clipps in February without Ellis and it was about the same time Curry took his game to the next level.

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