Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suns top Warriors, D-League players make impact

I finally made it out to Oracle for my first game of the season Monday night to watch the Warriors take on the Suns. If I make it to one game, Warriors versus Suns is all I need. What was the over/under? 300?

Once again it was the D-League all-stars who picked up the slack. Ellis started out cold, never found a rhythm with his jumper, and finished 9-27 from the field. He tallied 30 points on a volume shooting night and was overmatched by his former team mate Jason Richardson. J-Rich went for 34 points on 12-20 shooting and 5-8 from three point range.

Curry went for 14 points, 8 assists, 6 boards, but wasn't his efficient self going 6-15 from the field.

Reggie Williams can flat out score, whether its from range or driving to the rim. He could polish up his all around game a little, but it puzzles me that he wasn't drafted. Williams will be an offensive spark off the bench for some NBA team, if the W's elect not to keep him on the roster next season. Williams makes a case for himself every time he scores 20 or more, which is frequent. He scored 29 against Phoenix and carried the scoring burden for most of the second half. Williams' production has cut into the minutes of Anthony Morrow.

Anthony Tolliver has been the most valuable D-League player, despite getting captured on the wrong side of an A'mare Stoudamire poster in the fourth quarter. My group sat in the front row of 219, looking straight down the baseline on the basket which Stoudamire nearly shattered. That dunk was the nastiest live dunk in Oracle since Baron stuffed the ball down Kirelinko's throat in the 07' playoffs. Stoudamire taunted Dubs fans behind the basket, popping the front of his jersey with his thumbs, eliciting boo's and jeers, and showcasing his superstar swagger. One embarrassing moment for Tolliver doesn't detract from his 25 points and 12 rebounds, as his efforts kept the Warriors in the game. Next time, take a charge or try to strip the ball on the way up. Stay out of the poster!

In the end, the Suns fed Stoudamire in the half court set on every possession, where he either scored or got to the free throw line. The Warriors were forced to intentionally foul with 30 seconds in the game and it nearly worked, as the Suns uncharacteristically missed free throws. The Warriors got open looks, but couldn't sink a tying or winning shot.

The Warriors lack of an inside scoring option hurts most in the forth quarter when each possession is critical (like the playoffs).

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