Monday, March 22, 2010

Warriors officially for sale

The Warriors are officially for sale and billionaire Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison is the leading candidate to purchase the distressed franchise. Whoo hoo!!!

This is the happiest Warriors fans have been since the "We Believe" days. No deals have been made, let alone discussions, but fans can't help but fantasize of all the wonderful things that could come of this change. Good riddance to dead beat owner Chris Cohan, good luck in tax court. Also, you'd have to imagine Ellison would clean house, especially Cohan's lackey Bobby Rowell. There is no one Warriors fans would like to see thrown out on the sidewalk more than Rowell.

It tickles me to imagine the departure of all the incompetent boobs in the front office. If the Ellison buys the team, it would increase the probability of attracting a superstar to the franchise. Add a top five draft pick this year and the Warriors will have some nice pieces for a playoff run. Imagine a winning Warriors team. Imagine another playoff charge. Ellison would pick up where "We Believe" left off. It would be the beginning of the "We Know" era.

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