Monday, March 29, 2010

Warriors stomp Clippers in LA

There's nothing like a game against the Clipp Ship to put the Dallas game in the past. The Warriors didn't look good at the beginning of the contest, but found a groove in the second quarter and outscored Baron Davis' team 40-14.

Everyone in a Warriors uniform was effective at some point, and found ways to score. No one was worried about the absence of Monta Ellis, just as long as Steph Curry would play. The ball moved around and players made good decisions. Six out of the eight Warriors who played, scored in double figures and the other two had 9 points each. The Clippers looked limp on the court after the Warriors big second quarter run.

I invite anyone to officially jump on the Reggie Williams bandwagon, if you haven't already done so. Williams had a game high 25 points and hit key shots to hold off any chance of a Clippers comeback. Williams found himself the benefactor of offensive mismatches. He drew bigger, slower defenders out to the perimeter, then drove to the rim or pulled up to shoot. Williams didn't need coach Nelson to run plays for him, as he found ways to get the ball and contributed 7 assists, 6 rebounds.

Reggie Williams has quickly earned the trust of Don Nelson and elevated himself to be one of the best scoring options on a roster that's full of weapons. It's not just scoring with Williams, but the efficiency in which he gets his points. He takes good shots, handles the ball well, and passes well.

As Williams NBA success story develops, Anthony Morrow has disappeared. Morrow is a nice player and arguably the best three point shooter on the team, but Williams gives the Warriors more when he's on the floor. Williams can score inside and on the perimeter, he can handle the ball, and he can create for himself and others. Morrow does not handle the ball well and is most effective when another player creates for him. It's no secret to the league what Morrow wants to do when he gets the ball. Teams are forcing him to put the ball on the floor by crowding him, forcing him to dribble and increase the chances of a turnover. Morrow has a good attitude, he shows support for Williams and his team, but it's obvious his confidence his down right now.

Notes: The Warriors next game is Wednesday Mar. 31 in Utah. The next game is Friday Apr. 2 at home against the Knicks and would be a good chance for Morrow to get some good looks, hit his shot, and get his confidence back.

Don Nelson is now three wins away from the all-time coaching record.

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