Friday, April 16, 2010

Playoff predictions; Eastern conference

Give the Eastern conference credit for sending an eighth seed to the post season with a .500 win percentage. Way to go, Bulls! You have no business taking the court in April against the Cavs, but I'm sure there are no objections. The Cavs get a light snack before the next round and the Bulls are happy to be there. Before I acknowledge the flawed playoff system currently used, let's look at the top 16 teams in both conferences. All eight Playoff teams in the West have 50 plus wins compared to the East's four.

Top 16

1. Cavs
2. Magic
3. Lakers
4. Mavs
5. Suns
6. Nuggets
7. Hawks
8. Jazz
9. Celtics
10. Blazers
11. Spurs
12. Thunder
13. Heat
14. Bucks
15. Bobcats
16. Rockets

Match-up's (top 16 by NBA regular season record)

Cavs vs. Rockets
Magic vs. Bobcats
Lakers vs. Heat
Suns vs. Thunder
Nuggets vs. Spurs
Hawks vs. Blazers
Jazz vs. Celtics

The Eastern conference has Cleveland and Orlando, two championship caliber teams with padded records thanks to weaker competition in the East. The road to the Western conference final will be a gauntlet.

Actual 2010 Playoff match-ups

Eastern conference- 1st round

Cavs vs. Bulls: Cavs take care of business and squash the Bulls like a bug on the sidewalk.

Celtics vs. Heat: The Celts far from elite, but D-Wade doesn't have the support to beat Boston. Celts move on.

Hawks vs. Bucks: Bucks don't have a chance without Bogut nor an answer for Jamal Crawford.

Magic vs. Bobcats: Cats will put up a good fight, but Magic are the deepest team in the league. It will be interesting to see Captain Jack do his thing in the playoffs again.

Eastern conference semi-finals

Cavs vs. Celtics: Cavs will expose the Celtics as old and on the decline. Why not make LeBron guard Rondo? The Celts go as far as Rondo will take them, but it won't be past the Cavs.

Magic vs. Hawks: The Hawks don't have an answer for Dwight Howard, but who does? Magic will be in the conference finals.

Easter conference final

Cavs vs. Magic: It's inevitable, the cream will rise to the top. This series will make for great basketball and a very difficult pick... I gotta go with the Magic again, but it will have to on the back of Dwight Howard.

Easter Conference winner: Orlando Magic

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