Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will Nelly be back next season?

Before I talk about Don Nelson and the record, I have to give the Warriors credit for beating a solid Thunder team after trailing 20 points. OKC needed the win more than anyone, to avoid the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. Kevin Durant showed why he is in the conversation for MVP, but Monta Ellis stepped up with some defensive pressure down the stretch, using his quickness to neutralize Durant's size advantage. The Warriors shot 12-21as a team from three point range and out-dueled playoff caliber team. Unfortunately for the Thunder, they have secured the eighth spot in the Western conference and a date with the Lakers. Don't complain to Warriors fans, though, we like our chances as a #8 seed.

Don Nelson now has the most wins ever as an NBA coach with 1,334. Regardless of the job he's done this year, give Nelly some respect for what he has accomplished. Nelly, like Walter Mathau as coach Buttermaker in the Bad News Bears, knows how to get the most out of the least. During Sunday's game against OKC, Keith Smart assumed head coaching responsibilities, while Nelly supervised from the bench. This isn't the first time Nelly has given Smart the reins, for some on the job training. Keith Smart coached the Warriors while Nelson recovered from Pneumonia in November, and beat the Mavs in Dallas with a six man rotation.

Nelson turns 70 next month, he has the record, and Keith Smart seems to be a qualified successor to coach. Will Don Nelson come back next season for the final year of his contract? We know Don Nelson doesn't pass on a pay day and the mastermind GM inside has an investment in the upcoming off-season. As much as Nelson has accomplished, I don't see him walking away from this project at this point. Nelly wouldn't mind hanging around to pad his retirement, pad his win total, and leave on a winning note by getting next year's team into the playoffs.


jim said...

Are you kidding? We should not have to deal with this arrogant old loser coach for another day!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

I agree with you jim, another season of Nelly won't help the W's move forward...I just don't see him walking away from guarenteed money. The only way is for a new owner to fire Nelly and eat the $6 mil left on his contract.

I could also see Nelson stepping down mid season next year if the W's aren't in playoff contention