Friday, May 7, 2010

Cavs look shaky, Lakers on track

Should Cavs fan be worried? Yes, not because of LeBron's sore elbow, but the MVP's future in Cleveland. You know how I like to make predictions. Most of the time I'm wrong, but every so often I get it right. Here's another one: Mike Brown will not be the head coach of the Cavs next season, as his team looks to be repeating history. The Cavs dominate the regular season, then stumble in the playoffs when LeBron can't carry the lead on his shoulders. The Boston Celtics are a real basketball team. They have a committee of leaders, several go-to scorers, committed defense, and play selfless basketball. The Cavs are younger, have an athletic advantage, and have the MVP. Their dependence on LeBron makes them a group of disjointed pieces, unstable and without a back up plan. I still think the Cavs will find a way to advance past the Celts, but they won't get over on Orlando.

Prediction: King James relocates his court to New York.

While I don't care for them, I never doubted the Lakers as best bet to make it out of the West. As the Warriors enjoy their summer, Bay Area fans don't have too much invested in any team playing now, however; I'll argue many are rooting for the Phoenix Suns and beloved former Warrior Jason Richardson. The Suns are looking good, as they now have a 2-0 series lead on the Spurs. Barring any Lakers injury, I don't see the Suns getting through LA to the finals (assuming the Suns finish of the Spurs).

My NBA Finals prediction of Lakers versus Magic looks safe at the moment. These teams defend the rim with solid interior players and have deep benches, ideal for the grind-it-out style that wins championships. A healthy Jameer Nelson gives Orlando the edge this time around.

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