Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magic win game 5, down 3-2 in series

Technically, the Magic are on the brink of elimination down 3-2 in the Eastern conference finals to the Celtics, but after Orlando's win last night the pressure is on Boston. It wasn't an ordinary win, but a statement win (pardon the cliche). Dwight Howard, Marcin Gortat, and Brandon Bass physically beat up the Celtics. Glen Davis and Marquis Danials both suffered a concussions, Davis from a Howard elbow and Danials by Gortat. Rajon Rondo came back down to earth for the second consecutive game, scoring 19 and dishing only six assists.

Perhaps the most significant story of the game was Kendrick Perkins and his early ejection, as he racked up two early technical fouls, thus warranting an ejection. The first call was a no-look elbow to Gortat as he helped Paul Pierce up off the floor after a whistle, similar to the elbow from Kevin Garnett to Quinton Richardson in Boston's first round series against Miami. Garnett's shot was more malicious, but the situation, intent, and delivery were similar. Garnett's cheap shot cost him a one game suspension.

Perkins deserved his first tech, but the second was questionable. On the play, Perkins tried to root out Howard for low post position on a Celtics possession and was called for a foul away from the ball. he immediately turned to the ref, as he always does, gave a look of stupefied disbelief, turned around and audibly cursed the call as he shuffled back to the defensive end. Perkins, who honestly believes he has never committed a foul, could have avoided the second tech if he used better discretion on which calls to argue and which calls to let go. Perkins has accumulated seven techs in the post season and faces a one game suspension, however; the NBA will review the calls today and are likely to rescind the second tech and allow Perkins to play.

If the NBA does not rescind one of the techs and Perkins is suspended, the Celtics will be without two impact big men and be at a serious disadvantage, as Davis is unlikely to play. Rondo looks slowed by muscle spasms, Tony Allen has a sore ankle, Davis and Danials concussions, and Perkins on the edge of suspension.

The Celtics look old. Again.

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jeff said...

OOH...It's rescinded all right. Magic v Suns in finals?