Monday, May 10, 2010

Suns sweep Spurs, Celts tie Cavs 2-2 on Rondo triple double

When have we seen LeBron look as foolish as he did when Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo took the ball to the rim on a fast break, only to drop off a behind the back pass as king James flew across the screen in attempt to block Rondo's would-be shot.

Rondo looked more king like and was the MVP of game 4, as he carried his Hall-of-Fame teammates to victory with a ridiculous triple double. Rondo scored 29 points, grabbed 18 boards, and made 13 assists. The Cleveland LeBrons don't look like a team that deserves to be in the Finals.

How can anyone not love Steve Nash? (I guess the Spurs don't) Nash gets a Tim Duncan elbow to the orbital bone on the eye brow and has to be stitched up to close the wound. His right eye is swollen shut like a boxer, yet he proceeds to hit a dagger three ball and continuously get in the lane. You gotta love his Canadian toughness, and you know he played hockey growing up. It doesn't matter if Nash breaks his nose, loses a tooth, or splits open his face. The guy is a champion and deserves a shot at a ring. It was only proper that the Suns go through the Spurs to reach the Western conference finals.

Nash and Stoudamire are so tough to stop in the pick and roll, especially with Amare's new skill of knocking down 15-17 foot jumpers. The not-so-secret weapon for Phoenix is our beloved Jason Richardson. Jason is a big, athletic two-guard who can score inside, knock down three pointers, and most importantly rebound his position extremely well. I can't think of a better rebounding guard. The Suns will be a worthy opponent for the Lakers grind-it-out style.

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LDUTheCoach said...

Oh man am I ever pumped up for the Western Conference Finals!! Lakers vs Suns and both teams just swept their round two opponent!! Unheard of! I can’t wait to see this get under way, but I think the size of the Lakers will be the difference just like it was against Utah… here is proof with a preview:
It’d be nice to see Nash finally get to the Finals but the Lakers are just too good. They have it all, coaching, star talent, bench, the list goes on…