Monday, May 17, 2010

Warriors hope for high darft pick

I'm not ready to discuss LeBron until the season is over and the NBA champion is decided. The four remaining teams are great stories. The Celtics, older than most NBA analysts, beat up the Cavs and stole game one of the Eastern finals in Orlando. The Suns offensive power against the Lakers size and finals experience...

The Warriors are back in the conversation as the draft lottery order is decided this week. The Warriors hope to get one of the top picks and add another peice to a rebuilding roster. Steph Curry was the seventh overall pick last year and this year, the Warriors would be stoked on a top four choice. The popular choices to go in that order in this year's draft are 1. John Wall, PG, Kentucky 2. Evan turner, G-F, Ohio St. 3. Wes Johnson, G-F, Syracuse 4.) Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech. If the Warriors landed any of the top three guys, Monta Ellis trade talk could be taken seriously, as they would build around Curry and that a new blue chip player. Derrick Favors, predicted to go somewhere around fourth overall on many darft boards, would be a great fit for the Warriors roster as it stands. He is ultra athletic and skilled 19 year old. It would take a few years for him to make an impact on offense, but his size would help with the Warriors achilles heal: rebounding.

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