Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WRD Back After Hiatus

Dear Rundown Faithful,

I want to apologize to our few, but loyal, readers who have wondered what happened with our site over the last couple of weeks. There has been a bunch going on here with WRD as we're undergoing a bit of re-designing, which will be finalized soon, and we had a contract issue and some trouble re-launching the site, but that's all been taken care of and we're back up and running.

Now, back to the Warriors, there really hasn't been much new on their front since we last checked in late in June, although the NBA really has taken a new shape, including our own Golden State Warriors with the additions of David Lee and Charlie Bell and the loss of Anthony Morrow. Not to mention the shape shift in the Eastern Conference that now holds a Miami Heat team that should go down as the best in history after Dwayne Wade recruited the top big man on the market, Chris Bosh, and the top player in whole 'friggen world in LeBron James. There have been many other moves to talk about as well and we'll be getting to all of that within the next few days and weeks as the NBA offseason unfolds. We just wanted to let our loyal readers know that we're back and ready for some new things to start happening here at The Warriors Rundown (WRD).

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