Friday, August 13, 2010

Curry shines for team USA

Team USA took center stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York city to play an inter-squad scrimmage. The last 15 tryouts took the court, divided into two sides, blue and white. Warriors fans who tuned in saw their man Stephen Curry light up the stat sheet with 14 points. He looked like the Curry who earned the respect and adoration of Bay Area basketball fans last season and its likely he will make the team (Curry's competition for a roster spot is Eric Gordon of the Clippers).

If you are a Warriors fan, this is not good. Remember last year? Andris Biedrins and Roni Turiaf competed in the Eurobasket tournament in the summer and got injured early, which led to one of the most injury plagued seasons ever and a miserable 26 win season.

Curry is the one player Golden State cannot afford to be without. He is the leader of this team and Monta Ellis knows it. Don Nelson knows it. So do the Warriors faithful.

I understand the FIBA World Basketball tournament (or is it a "Basketball Festival"?) is a unique and exciting experience for most of these young guys, especially Curry who is 21 years old, but it leaves the NBA organizations with everything to lose. USA dominates basketball more then Brazil dominates soccer. The USA is exponentially better than the best players of all the other countries combined (yeah, that's right Pau, Manu, Tony, Hedo...I said that). Why do we have to trot out our elite players and risk injury for when it matters? That's what the Olympics are for. Speaking of those elite, I thought I saw LeBron and his lackeys: Carmello, D-Wade, and Chris Paul sitting in the self adoring, pretentious section reserved for cool kids (you have to wear designer sunglasses inside to watch the game from those seats). Wouldn't it be cute if they all wore matching leather jackets and rode motorcycles in a pack?

The stage of Radio City Hall in NYC was an appropriate location for this performance. If you want to go to a real "basketball festival", go to Oracle Arena and sit up in the 200 section with me and the steerage class. That's where the bass comes from when it's time to chant "DEFENSE! .. DEFENSE!" (Whether the Warriors decide to play it or not). If this unnecessary exhibition of basketball reduces Curry's playing time during the regular season, it's his teammates, fans, and new owners who will be suffer for it.

I hope Kryzewski goes with Eric Gordon.

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