Saturday, August 14, 2010

Biedrins pulls Stack Jack, runs mouth

Suddenly Andris Biedrins thinks he's Stephen Jackson. Biedrins made some candid comments about the Warriors, comments that seem out of character from the Biedrins Warriors fans have grown to embrace over the past four years.

"I guess, if they trade me, there could be some nice changes involved," Biedrins said to Latvian media in a video translated by "Maybe I'll be on a better team, with better teamwork."

Biedrins also came out and said that his team mates are egoists? Really Andris? This is the NBA! If you're a player in the NBA, then you were awsome in high school or at least stood out in college hoops...since AAU, everyone has told these guys they are God's gift...EVERYONE IN THE NBA IS AN "EGOIST" to some degree.

Who is Biedrins to say anything? At his best, he was a solid contributer on an overacheiving 2006-07 team. He has no post moves and needs to be set up for anything he does on offense. After his awful season last year, Biedrins is in no position to criticize anyone...HEY ANDRIS, MAKE A DAMN FREETHROW! Maybe if Biedrins could get his free throw percentage up to 40 percent, then maybe he could talk.

The new ownership means an entirely new attitude and direction for the W's. I would be open to trading Biedrins (along with any Warrior who's name isn't Curry), but his stats last year and his bad attitude reduce his value and thus work against the W's in a trade....

Andris Biedrins is not a good enough player to criticize his team and make those type of comments, he has only put more pressure on himself to live up to his $9 million a year contract.

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