Monday, November 22, 2010

Warriors lose three in a row, spiraling without Lee

The loss to the Nuggets is more disappointing than getting whipped by the Lakers. The Warriors had a legitimate chance to win this game. Reggie Williams led the Warriors by attacking the rim and earning trips to the free throw line and Rodney Carney played his best game all year. Carney was 7-9 from the field and scored 16 points in 19 minutes of play. Denver shot 12-21 from three point range, while the Warriors shot 6-26. The Nuggets shot 24-26 from the free throw line and the Warriors shot 13-16. That's the game in two categories.

Why? Sometimes it's not your night shooting the ball, but it all comes back to David Lee. This is a poor NBA team without Lee. No Lee means no inside threat on offense. Defenses have packed the lanes against the Warriors and rushed three point shooters, knowing there is a forward or center on defense to protect the rim against the Warriors feeble offense. The Warriors cannot live on the perimeter anymore. They shot themselves out of the game tonight. It hurt to watch them die on the perimeter after making a conscious effort to attack the rim in the first half.

Dan Gadzuric played his best game of the season, but the volume three point shooting caused a chain reaction of problems and allowed the Nuggets to pull away-without Chauncy Billups or Kenyon Martin.

The Warriors should have won this game tonight. They played good enough defense and rebounded sufficiently, but it came down to a lack of execution on offense.

As long as David Lee is in street clothes, the Warriors are capable of losing to any team in the NBA.

Key stats:

3 pt: Nuggets 12-26, Warriors 6-26

Warriors field goal percentage: 40

Steph Curry & Monta Ellis: combined 15-43 from the field

Dorell Wright: 2 points

Carmelo Anthony: 39 points, 17-17 free throws

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