Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blazers top Warriors by 1 point

Big trades dominated NBA headlines Dec. 18, which included some former Warriors. Meanwhile, the Warriors lost an ugly game in Portland. The Warriors played a terrible first half, but turned things around in the second to be in position to win in the end.

The Warriors stopped LaMarcus Aldridge and called a timeout with eight seconds in the game down one point. Everyone knew the Warriors would run some type of pick and roll with Monta Ellis and David Lee. They tried, but rushed the play. Lee fell down on the screen, but Ellis was forced to take a difficult fade away 18 feet out. The best closers don't rush during the last possession. They almost move deliberately slow as if to lull the defender into a slower pace, know exactly how many seconds remain, then make a decisive move to score. Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Dwayne Wade, and recently Manu Ginobilli all have that killer mentality with the ball in a clutch situation.

No knock on Ellis, as he hasn't had much experience in last shot heroics. In recent years it's been Baron Davis or Stephen Jackson taking that shot for the Warriors.

The Warriors were without Andris Biedrins and Stephen Curry continues to rest his sprained right ankle. The Warriors sorely miss Curry's shooting and play making. There is no one who can score off the bench without Curry.

The Warriors nearly beat the Blazers at the Rose Garden without playing well. The Blazers and Warriors match up again on Christmas day at Oracle and I think the W's will give a better effort in front of the home crowd.

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