Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heat burn Warriors 106-84

The Warriors caught the Heat at a bad time. Every team that plays Miami for the rest of the season will catch them at a bad time. The Warriors did well to keep it close in the first half, but struggled to do so.

The Heat came out of the locker room in the second half on a mission, as the locked down the Warriors with their defense en route to an 18-3 run and a 36 point quarter. The measly 3 points came on a Monta Ellis shot clock beating bailout three pointer. To Miami's credit, the Warriors were unable to execute in the half court and the misses and turnovers led to full court fast breaks for easy points.

It's easy to see how the Heat lead the league in double digit points in wins. They can lock you up and it's an instant fast break. It hurt to see the Warriors get a bit demoralized midway through the third quarter, but the Heat are the most exciting team to watch in the league. When they aren't running the floor, they draw, kick, and hit with high efficiency.

Are the Heat ready to compete with Boston, Orlando, and Chicago for an Eastern Conference championship? Close, but not quite. Miami has struggled the most with the Celts due to Rajon Rondo creating match-up problems with the ball. The Heat like to pack the lane and dare teams to shoot perimeter shots (as they will live with a few makes and count on misses to fuel that fast break), but the Celtics shoot well. The Heat look amazing against a poor offensive executing team like the Warriors, but teams like the Celtics move the ball and have too much depth for the Heat. To counter, the Heat will get Mike Miller back on the floor for additional three point shooting.

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