Friday, December 31, 2010

Warriors barely beat Bobcats 96-95

The Warriors beat the Bobcats by one point and could have easily lost. If Stephen Jackson hits that three to beat the Warriors on the last shot, it would have erased any momentum left over from the three game win streak (before the loss to the Hawks) and negated the dramatic finish in Sacramento Dec. 21.

This game was ugly, sloppy, and poorly played by both teams. Even the officials struggled to make simple calls in this game. Officials David Guthrie, Ron Garretson and Karl Lane couldn't please either side as they called touchy fouls, yet allowed rough play at times. The worst officiating blunder came with 1:36 in the game when Boris Diau caught his own air ball for a put back miss and play continued without a traveling violation. Guthrie nearly gave the ball to the Bobcats, but they got it right and gave the ball back to Golden State.

None of these officials will work the playoffs (and might not finish the season) as they made the league look bad with the way they handled this game.

In the actual game, the Warriors started off with blistering hot shooting, as they went 7-7 and jumped out to a 16-4 lead. They cooled off and started to miss shots. The Bobcats did well to clean the defensive glass and push the ball on the Warriors, who played poor transition defense. The Warriors played some really uninspired basketball during the second quarter and would have got down by more if they were playing a higher quality opponent. Thankfully the Bobcats are happy to turn the ball over and Stephen Jackson didn't have a good game.

Steph Curry had a nice game in his return home to the Queen city. Curry was 10-17, hit his first four three point shots, and finished the game with 24 points. Ellis scored 25 points, and Dorell Wright contributed 17 on 6-13 shooting.

The officials missed some calls down the stretch that could have really hurt the Warriors, but sloppy play was more to blame for the mini-collapse in the fourth quarter. The inability to secure defensive rebounds gave the Bobcats chance after chance. That will be something the Warriors will focus on and it will be a problem that corrects itself upon the return of Andris Biedrins.

The Warriors play the Heat tomorrow, a nasty match up for a back to back. Hopefully the big three are partying tonight and come into the game hungover. That would be the Warriors only shot because the Heat are, in this fan's opinion, the second best team in the league right now next to the Spurs.

Happy new year Warriors fans. May 2011 be filled with good health and success.

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