Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hornets win tenth straight

The loss to the Hornets makes three straight now for the Warriors. The final score was 112-103, but the game was less close than the score implies. Chris Paul and the Hornets controlled the game. The Warriors looked a few steps behind, as they allowed layups and dunks and gave away points off turnovers.

The Hornets were on fire from the field and made 13 of their first 16 attempts and finished the game at 62 percent.The Hornets are hot right now and have won 10 straight.

As much as the Warriors and their fans wanted this game, they can't be too surprised in a loss to a quality team like the Hornets. Or the Spurs the night before. There are simply too many holes in this team. As great as the back court is, with Curry and Ellis combining for 46 points, the front court is holding them back. When I say front court, I refer to Andris Biedrins, who scored 2 points (off two free throws, shockingly). Biedrins made no shots from the field.

Biedrins looked like he might be coming along during the four game win streak just a weak earlier, as he has shown more post up moves and activity, but when he gives the Warriors an abysmal game like kills them. I know it hurts to leave $9 million on the bench, but look at what the San Francisco Giants had to do with Barry Zito. Ekpe Udoh should start for now. Two points is unacceptable and puts too much pressure on David Lee.

The Warriors are not a playoff caliber team in the Western conference with the current roster. Biedrins is an underachiever, but they are stuck with him. No one wants to take on that contract. Even more discouraging is the Warriors bench. If Reggie Williams is not shooting well, there is nothing coming off the bench. Even if Biedrins was in his 2007 form, the Warriors would still struggle to hang with good teams because of the drop off in talent at the second unit.

Will the Warriors new owner Joe Lacob make a move before the trade deadline? There has been talk than he is not attached to keeping anyone on the roster and will do whatever he can to improve the team going forward, even if that means trading the beloved Monta Ellis or Steph Curry. A lot of Warriors fans, including myself, don't want to hear that. Warriors fans love Monta and Steph and to part with one of them would involve a blue chip trade deal. Not an injury prone Chris Kaman or old rickety Rip Hamilton. It would have to be a blue chip like Carmelo (even though that won't ever happen) and some first and second round pick.

The current configuration isn't working and tenth is the West is not good enough.

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