Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warriors best Kings in OT, Monta hits second big shot in consecutive games

Last night's game was thoroughly enjoyable from section 105, as my fiancee, Kira, and I got a clean look at Monta's big shot to send the game into overtime. This shot was even bigger than the one he hit last game over the Pacers just two nights ago.

Monta used the same move, drive right, hesitate, crossover left, pull-up, fade away, and hit! With that momentum, the Warriors dominated overtime and broke the Kings hearts once more. Again, if Monta is not an All-Star, the integrity of the event is in question. NBA fans, not just Warriors fans, deserve to see a player like Monta showcase his talents.
Click here to see video of Monta's big shot, courtesy of my fiancee Kira.

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