Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warriors snap four game skid with win over Jazz

If I told you Monta Ellis scored two points for the entire game, would you suspect that game resulted in a win for the Warriors? Of course not, but isn't that a great rhetorical question? Well, the Warriors did win and five different players scored in double figures. Of those, Steph Curry led the way with 27.

To paint an accurate picture, Utah's all-star guard Deron Williams did not play with a sprained wrist. The Jazz struggled to shoot the ball and missed D-Will's ability to get in the paint, open things up on offense, and get to the foul line. He drives everything Utah does on offense.

Nevertheless, the Warriors will take the win, especially after the worst loss of the season to the Bobcats.

Monta Ellis had a bad week and his two point performance was concerning. To his credit, he realized he wasn't feeling it on offense and used himself as a decoy and moved the ball around to his team mates, finishing with five assists.

Ellis' dip in production makes people wonder what's really going on. Is there some physical ailment? Perhaps that ankle is still hurting from the Jan. 21 game versus the Kings when Tyreke Evens rolled on Monta's leg in the overtime period. Or maybe Monta could have a slight concussion from hitting the back of his head against Gerald Wallace's shin in the first quarter of the Bobcats game...Also, Monta's back could be tired from carrying the entire team all season. He could be distracted by all the trade talk going around in bay area sports sections...Whatever is going on, Ellis will never let on. That's what makes him such a tough competitor and such an intriguing person.

Andris Biedrins tallied another double-double, going for 11 points and 10 rebounds against a solid center in Al Jefferson.

It was interesting to see the Warriors spread the offense around with Ellis having an off night. Sometimes it seems the Warriors have stand around and watch as Ellis defies gravity and racks up points in highlight reel fashion.

Curry ran the point, while Monta looked to set up team mates. It worked. I would like to see Monta stay in this distributor mode, until he gets more single coverage looks on defense, then go back to burning opponents for 30 points per game.

I hope general manager Larry Riley and owner Joe Lacob don't make any hurried moves this season. It will take too much time to develop chemistry and with the talent the Warriors are capable (or incapable) of luring out to the bay area, they will still be well below the elite of the NBA and Western Conference.

Let this team build chemistry and see what kind of players you have moving forward. Why make a hasty move before you are ready to seriously compete for a playoff run?

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