Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warriors terrible in loss to Clippers

The Warriors took a step backward in a frustrating loss to the Clippers Jan. 9 at Staples. Blake Griffin and Baron Davis had double doubles and Eric Gordon poured in 25 points in a disjointed game with no flow. The Warriors committed 32 of the game's 52 total fouls, many of those fouls were of the touch variety.

Monta Ellis and Steph Curry combined to go 6-32 from the field and David Lee looked like Peter Griffin against Blake. Lee finished with 8 points and 3 rebounds. Outside of Dorell Wright, the Warriors were awful. That's what happens when a team like the Warriors plays a team like the Cavs, the overall play goes down from competing against a lesser opponent.

The Warriors didn't work to create good shots and constant fouls prevented them from initiating early offense or any type of fast break. The W's showed a general lack of energy against an active and talented young team.

The Clippers are a team on the rise. Since team USA last summer, Eric Gordon continues to prove he is growing into an elite scorer in the NBA. Baron Davis is rejuvenated and Blake Griffin has provided B.D. with assists galore. Griffin's activity drives this team. When Chris Kaman gets back, this team will have some depth and be a factor for the 8th spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

The NBA is funny. Sometimes teams come out and simply play bad. Even the Lakers, who were a juggernaut, stumbled for a stretch of games when Andrew Bynum was reintroduced into the lineup. The Warriors are allowed a poor game and so is Monta Ellis.

The Warriors will be home for the rest of January and be able to practice. This game will give Keith Smart a long list of things NOT TO DO. The Warriors cannot afford to commit so many fouls, especially touch fouls. The Warriors need to work on three on two and two on one fast break conversions. These are must-have opportunities which must be converted in order for the Warriors to beat any decent team and they've been poor at converting these. The Warriors need to do a better job of closing out quarters as the Clippers won the game in the last five minutes of the second quarter on a 21-4 run.

The Warriors shouldn't play this bad in the next game, unfortunately the next game is against the Lakers. It should be competitive, unlike the previous meeting with Lakers where the Warriors were flogged the whole game. The Warriors get the opportunity to avenge this loss on Friday Jan. 14 at Oracle. I think Ellis will have a big game.

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