Monday, February 21, 2011

Kia Dunk Conest as Lame as Advertised

The All-Star game...who cares, it's a joke. Monta should have been there, but it's a marketing ploy (as seen in the Kia showroom, oops I mean dunk contest). It's a popularity contest aimed toward fifth grade boys, not logical basketball fans, but good fun.

The real news is Carmelo going to the Knicks. His wife Lala is actually calling the shots and they are going back to NY. Since this is a Warriors blog, I'm going to talk about how this effects Golden State and the Western conference. The Nuggets will not make the playoffs this season. They get Danilo Galinari, Raymond Felton, and Wilson Chandler who were obviously not good enough for the Knicks, but they have some good pieces. Aaron Afflalo is a very nice shooting guard, but now J.R. Smith will have to start and the bench will be compromised.

Nuggets fans are surely disapointed in the fact they lost a superstar, but it's not all bad for you Denver. Carmelo is obviously a cancer wherever he goes and he will not win a championship in New York. The Knicks already couldn't stop anyone, and now they are extra non-committed to defense. The Knicks, even over the next three or four years, have the same chances of winning a title as the "WE BELIEVE" Warriors of 2006-07'. The Nuggets will have the chance to build a cohesive team with role players, like Afflalo, Galinari, Chandler, Smith, Felton, and hopefully they will be able to retain Nene. But this year, sorry Nuggets, it's not happening.

That leaves the door open for the Warriors if they can get it together. I still hope they don't trade Curry or Elllis, and let it play out. But if the Warriors survive this upcoming raod trip, they have a puncher's chacne at making the playoffs. The Grizzlies, who have been one of the hottest teams in the leage since Christmas and are gunning for one of the bottom playoff spots, will be hindered by the loss of Rudy Gay. The superstar small forward will be sidelined for about four weeks with a separated shoulder. That will help teams like the Suns, Warriors, and Rockets, as the Jazz are also on the decline. I suspect Deron Williams will be the next Carmelo. D-Will is a free agent in 2012 and there is no way he stays in Utah (Maybe they'll draft Jimmer Fredette?).

The balance of power has shifted after this trade and Warriors fans shoul welcome it. It's about time. Dnever and Utah should get a taste of what Warriors fans have experienced for 16 years, but both of those franchises won't staty down long, at least Denver. This is a sign, a step toward the Warriors becoming a consistent playoff participant.

Please, be patient Larry Riley. Don't break up our back court just yet. You did well to land Dorell Wright and David Lee will prove to be a good pick up in time. Keep acquiring quality players the old fashioned way and build a deep roster with a quality second team like the Spurs and Mavs. It takes good draft picks, free agent role players, and a time.

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