Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dunk Contest is shameless Kia plug

Steph Curry won the skills competition and showed that accuracy beats speed in this event. Dorell Wright came up short in the three point shootout. His shooting stroke is not quite suited for the event, as the uptempo fashion threw D-Wright off his natural rhythm.

I expected more out of the dunk contest, although I knew I shouldn't have. I thought Blake Griffin would be a savior to this event which has declined over the years. The last legit dunk contest winner was Jason Richardson in 2003. Nate Robinson was a Napoleon phenomenon repeat to Spud Webb and Dee Brown and Dwight Howard started a stupid trend of gimmick
riddled acts, lacking the substance of Jordan, Dominique, Vince Carter, and Jason Richardson.

The dunk contest has been reduced to a live commercial for Kia. I felt embarrassed for Blake Griffin, as that car took center stage over the dunk itself (which wasn't spectacular). I don't blame Griffin for his part and I hope he was properly compensated by Kia. That event was the most shameless corporate plug I've ever witnessed and I felt ashamed for being an NBA fan when I witnessed the way that rigged event played out.

Good or the sport coats who made out big on this, but that dunk contest was the biggest waste of time.

I like the idea of a game of 21 for an NBA All-Star event, with the fans voting for the three players they want to see. A one-on-one game would really be the most attractive event, but there are egos and a grocery list of other excuses that would prevent that from taking place. a game of 21, with three players would showcase individual skills and make it less adversarial. It would have a nice playground feel and be highly entertaining. Imagine: Kobe, LeBron, and Wade. I think Monta would do well, even against those guys.

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