Friday, February 11, 2011

Suns beat Warriors in embarrassing fashion, again

The Suns are on a roll and are a team who gives the Warriors (and a lot of other teams) match up problems. The way they space the floor and knock down catch-and-shoot threes is similar to the Orlando Magic. The Magic have Dwight Howard and can defend better when they are engaged, but Steve Nash gives the Suns a one up at the point guard position, at least on offense.

Phoenix whipped the Warriors with their depth. The Warriors starters logged heavy minutes in a nice win over the Nuggets just the night before and probably didn't get to bed until 3:00 A.M. Still, the Suns would have won, but the game wouldn't have been over before halftime...(wishful thinking?)

If the Warriors don't create fastbreaks off turnovers, they are susceptible to going long stretches without scores and allowing big runs like the Suns have ripped off over this past week. The Warriors need to be able to play good team defense due to the constant match-up problems with Ellis and Curry on the floor simultaneously. Phoenix lives on the three point line and the Warriors still left shooters wide open. Channing Frye killed the Warriors on Feb. 7 at Oracle and still, no one can make an effort to chase him off the three point line. Granted the players were tired and the hectic schedule of NBA life doesn't allow much time, but the Warriors coaching staff should take some blame for the Warriors being ill prepared to compete.

NBA News

Jerry Sloan stepped down as the head coach of the Utah Jazz after 23 seasons. I associate Sloan with my earliest basketball memories dating back to when I first started following in 1991. Karl Malone and John Stockton were pick-and-rolling everyone to death and beating teams up on defense. Utah Jazz fans from my generation, the original "Dream Team" generation, have never seen another coach for their team, as Sloan started in 1988.

After the Warriors lackluster performance last night, I had to flip over to the Lakers at Celtics. Ray Allen is now the all-time leader in three point makes, as he surpassed Reggie Miller's 2,560. Miller witnessed Allen break his record as a TNT analyst. "Are you kidding me?" (I would still put money that Cheryl wins the Thanksgiving one-on-one driveway games).

The Lakers won by locking up the Celts on defense and finished the green men off with Kobe nailing shot after shot. Yes, there was fist pumping.

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