Monday, February 7, 2011

Warriors stink in loss to Suns

Wow, the Warriors win over the Bulls was incredible. It was a beautiful basketball game all the way around with a low amount of fouls called and an uptempo pace. Monta Ellis, Steph Curry, and the other Warriors starters were all on fire. It was the best win of the season.

The most frustrating loss of the year was to the Bobcats, but this loss to the Suns is no less frustrating. The Suns came right out and punched the Warriors in the mouth, as the Warriors never put their guard up. And when I say never put their guard up, I mean the Warriors played awful defense. The type of defense that could cost Keith Smart his job.

They were pathetic. They were soft.

They let Grant Hill, Steve Nash, and Vince Cater get anywhere on the floor and didn't seem to watch any film. If they did, they would have ran out to Channing Frye on the three point line. They would have realized everyone in a purple jersey has undergone multiple surgeries and attacked their lack of lateral foot speed.

Dorell Wright shot the Warriors out of the game in the first quarter. Wright seemed content to squander his pump fakes and continues to show he is unable to draw free throws. Disappointing.

This game shows why the Warriors will not make the playoffs, why Monta didn't get into the All-Star game, and why every Warriors player is on the trading block.

The Warriors lost the game in the first quarter as Phoenix outscored them 33-17.

The Warriors shot 2-17 from three and with this loss, proved why they are truly irrelevant this year. Not much more to say, pitiful basketball.

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