Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warriors thrashed in their own house

The fans who paid to get into Oracle last night to watch the Hawks eviscerate the Warriors should get some of their money back. Maybe a free beer, a discount on another game, or an apology letter from ownership.

Atlanta jumped on a pathetic Warriors team who continued to attempt jumper after jumper and miss. When their jump shots didn't fall, this group of players didn't make any legit attempts to get to the free throw line and they didn't play transition defense.
The Warriors have shown moments of brilliance during the stretch where they beat the Bulls, Hornets, and Thunder. This isn't last season's group of rag-tag D-League misfits, this group can win against good teams, especially at home.

The poor play last night was a lack of heart, it was visible through the television screen, and it was shameful to watch.

I realize these players are human beings and there are infinite variables that could effect the performance on any given night, but the fans pay to be entertained. The whole marketing strategy with the Warriors has always been, "Hey, we might not be good, we might not make the playoffs, we don't play defense, but your gonna get a wild west shootout for that $70 you spend on Stub-hub." It doesn't work when they roll over and refuse to compete.

This game could be game that owner Joe Lacob looks back on when he considers whether Keith Smart keeps his job next season. I'm not saying he is to blame for this, but it is the nature of professional sports.

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