Monday, March 14, 2011

Kings beat listless Warriors team

Pathetic. Embarrassment. Apathetic. Heartless. There are more words to describe the Warriors play in Sacramento tonight, but unwatchable will do, or un-listenable if you tuned in on KNBR.

The Kings are not a good team, but NBA players are capable of beating anyone at basketball when the motivation is there. The Kings, after getting their hearts ripped out twice in two overtime losses by the Warriors, were not going to lose this game. Sacramento brought intensity from the opening tip and attacked the Warriors in the paint. That's how to beat this Warriors team. Attack them inside because they will foul you and you can live on the free throw line.

The Warriors not only let the Kings get into the paint at will, but failed to get back on defense on made baskets. That is simply a lack of focus.

This abysmal performance is not new to this team. We've seen these kind of basketball failures in games against the Suns, Hawks, and Lakers earlier in the season.

It's difficult to understand how a team can hold Kevin Love to six points and Dwight Howard to 13, but allow Samuel Dalembert to go for 27 points and 16 rebounds. The Warriors should be ashamed that Marcus Thornton scored 42 points. Monta Ellis played sound defense against the likes of Kevin Durant and Brandon Roy. The Warriors showed they were capable of limiting Derrick Rose when he came to oracle in February.

The Kings wanted this game, the Warriors came into this game with the attitude of a miserable office worker on a Monday. They thought they could just cruise through this game, but got beat in every facet of the game and embarrassed Warriors fans who wore their colors to Arco Arena (I won't acknowledge the bracelet company).

Key Stat

Rebounds: Kings 46, Warriors 24. Biedrins and Lee combined for four rebounds and Biedrins had none. That's concrete evidence for a total lack of heart and will to win.

This is a loss that hurts Keith Smart's rehiring chances.

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