Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warriors end four game losing streak

The Warriors put a four game losing streak to an end with a win over the Wizards on the second game of a back to back.

The Mar. 1 loss against the Pacers was an ugly game. The officiating crew did a poor job, highlighted by Violet Palmer. I respect her for having the determination to hold a position in an industry controlled by men, that speaks well on her character, but she is a terrible official. The players on both teams had no idea what was a foul and what was just physical play. There was no consistency. When in doubt, officials just gave the benefit of the doubt to Danny Granger...

Okay, back to the game of basketball.

Poor Andris Biedrins, he was terrible against the Pacers. He gave the Warriors nothing and we saw his confidence crumble as we watched him drop passes, commit silly fouls, and turn the ball over. Enter Ekpe Udoh, who started tonight against the Wizards.

Bringing Andris off the bench was a good move by coach Smart. Udoh gives the Warriors everything Biedrins does, but adds an offensive element. Plus, Biedrins can boost his confidence against opponents' second units.

Despite losing to the Pacers, the Warriors didn't play a bad game (i.e. the Atlanta beat down Feb. 25). The Warriors should never lose if Reggie Williams scores 26 points off the bench. The bench, which has been a weakness this season, has played well for the three games of this current road trip.

In the past two games, the bench energy has ignited the whole team. Monta Ellis started off cold, but carefully asserted himself. Monta picked up his defensive intensity and smothered the Wizards Nick Young in the third quarter.

The win against the Wizards doesn't compare the beating the Bulls, Thunder, or Hornets, but the Warriors needed this one badly. Their body language showed a frustrated team. Tonight, the Warriors were able to smile and have fun for the first time after the All-Star break.

The smiles will disappear when the bus pulls into TD Waterhouse Garden to play the Celtics this Friday Mar. 4.

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