Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Playoffs Full of Surprises

The Lakers will not win a third consecutive championship this season. It feels weird, but it's refreshing. I love basketball, but the playoffs were starting to get boring and predictable, with the same teams hanging around at the end year after year.

The unpredictable outcomes of the 2011 playoffs have been good for the game. The eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies are on a roll with their physical style of play and find themselves up 2-1 in the Western conference semi-finals. The Heat are finally meeting sky high expectations at the right time. And the Mavs beat the fight out of the listless defending champs.

So much for my prediction of Lakers over Heat in 6 games, but I still like the Heat to make it to the finals. Perhaps a 2006 Finals rematch of Miami and Dallas? Dirk Nowitzki has been the best player in the playoffs thus far and with Tyson Chandler, this is the most complete Dallas team of the Nowitzki era. The Mavs are the hottest team playing now and their old guys will get some well earned rest while Memphis and OKC battle it out.
I'll take Dallas as my revisionist pick to win it all.

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