Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lakers Hanging by a Thread

I thinks it's finally time to start panicking if your a Laker fan. Their top defender and the main man assigned to Dirk Nowitzki (though he wasn't doing a very good job), finally let his frustrations get the better of him.

Artest gave J.J. Barea a violent elbow to the head in Wednesday night's game, a flagrant foul and one that will put the world-class defender on the bench for the ever pivotal game 3. Luckily they do have Lamar Odom to help step in and fill Artest's void, but then who takes Odom's spot? A chink has been exposed in the Lakers armor, and as good as the Lakers are (I picked them for NBA Champs), I don't know it they'll be able to pull out of this.

It wasn't only the Artest situation though, the Lakers are getting thoroughly outplayed, and the Mavs didn't even play that well. Jason Kidd was just 3-11 with 6 assists and Jason Terry had just 9 points off the bench, but luckily, they got to ride the hot hand of Dirk Nowitzki. The German sharp-shooter is averaging over 25 PPG and 9 RPG while even spreading the love around with 4 assists. He's outplaying Kobe Bryant, and if that continues to happen, it will be the end of the season for the LA Lakers. But you can't just blame it on Kobe. They're point guard position is being badly exposed by 3 guys (Barrea, Terry and Kidd) all better than the Lakers starter (Derek Fischer, as clutch as he is). Even with their powerful front-line and Kobe Bryant to take all their shots, they have a weakness, and the Mavs are exploiting it. Again, the part that's beyond me is that Dallas didn't even play that well last night and they beat LA by a dozen points!

Warriors News: Well, in some positive W's news, Stephen Curry won NBA's Sportsmanship of the Year Award (Joe Dumars Trophy), edging out Luol Deng and LeMarcus Aldridge as the NBA's model of sportsmanship. Just tells you what kind of character this kid has to go along with the All-Pro talent. I just hope they get him some help this summer!

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