Friday, May 20, 2011

Warriors Get the Best: Hire Jerry West

Well, in a 2011 that was going downhill ever since the calender turned. The Warriors got about the best news they've received, well, since I can really remember. They hired former Laker and Memphis, genius front-office adviser who trademark is the NBA logo (modeled off of).

Logo aside, I can't see any problem with this move, in fact, love every part of it. If you read my last post, I wrote how I really didn't Larry Riley running the ship alone in the coaching search, and West adds huge credibility to the W's front-office. I also wonder if he's coming to Golden State with something in mind. He obviously chose the Warriors for a reason, there were many other NBA teams he could have had his pick of, but he came to NorCal, where playoff basketball comes around once every 10 or 15 seasons. West is here to put a change to that. The first on agenda is to hire a head coach, and someone the players will immediately respect and relate to. There has been talks that Kevin McHale has been called into the Bay Area for "informal" meetings, whether that's true or not, I can't verify. But I can say this, having West aboard is almost like bringing in the LeBron James of the front-office. Again, it wouldn't surprise me if he already has some sort of plan in place he's talked about with Riley, whether that be a player or coach, who the Hall-of-Famer has a very good relationship with. That would certainly fit McHale who was a stud in Boston and did great stuff for Memphis as well as the purple LA team (obtaining Pau Gasol for peanuts and a soda).

He's had the time to adjust to the new style and I certainly wouldn't hate a McHale hiring, but as you all know, I want a young, fiery, in-your face runner, as my first choice. I still like a college coach coming in, especially now that West is here who knows the NBA like no body's business. West can focus on player movement only and the coach can focus on pure X's and O's, the way it should be. Sometimes you get these big-named veteran coaches and they want more involvement in the front office and whine about the players their dealt. The Warriors don't need that crap, they need a no-nonsense guy who knows basketball and knows how to use the Warriors roster in it's best possible way. As young as they are and the style they play, I still say a college coach matches them to a T. However, if the "Logo" thinks McHale is the fit, who am I to argue?

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Dirty D said...

Not McHale... Jackson, Jackson, Jackson...

He's retiring from LA, maybe he'll follow West and want to start a new reign in NorCally!