Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ellis likely to be moved

The departure of Monta Ellis is all but inevitable.

Credible sources say the most likely destination for Ellis is Philadelphia in exchange for Andre Iguadala, and the deal will likely be done on draft day.

This move is difficult for Warriors fans to wrap their heads around. Most Warriors fans are emotionally connected to Ellis. He's a little guy with big game. That, as well as Ellis' toughness and resilience, endears him to fans. Plus, last year he developed a knack for hitting big shots to close ball games.

But the Warriors are looking for a bigger, more defensive minded player (like Iguadala) who can get stops, so they don't have to count on Ellis to hit a big shot at the end of the game. And if they need a clutch shot, Iguadala isn't bad in the clutch himself. In fact, he is one of the NBA's most underrated closers...

As a Warriors fan, I love Monta Ellis and would be sad to see him wear another team's colors, but from a basketball standpoint, the Ellis/Curry back court doesn't work if the Warriors want to seriously compete in the West. And when it comes down to Curry or's Curry. He's cheaper, younger, higher shooting percentage, and higher basketball I.Q.

Curry is the guy to build around and is Don Nelson's last gift to the Warriors.


Anonymous said...

For Who?

Everyone knows the Warriors situation. Nobody will need to pay a bunch for Monta. I don't think I'd deal him for a mid-round draft pick. Maybe if it could move them up for someone Kanter!

Imaging the new look W's front line of Lee-Kanter-Wright-Biedrins-Udoh... I could live with that size!-

Trevor Cole said...

Trade Monta up for a real, Baron Davis type PG (Freddette or Brandon Knight), allowing Steph to play freely at SG... Or keep him and hope Marcus Morris falls to them at 11, which is wishful thinking. I still think he's the most polished post player in this draft, and the Warriors have notoriously been one of the worst post teams in the NBA!